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Bond Street could be classed as one of the very best shopping areas in the world, lets forget about its history for the moment – which dates back vitally until the start of London, for this article we are going to look at what is going on there now.

Located in the heart of London’s Mayfair Bond Street, when we say Bond Street we really mean New Bond Street or Old Bond Street, is filled with some of the very best and most exclusive designer shops for all over the world. Lined along this little street are some of the biggest names from the fashion world, old Bond Street escorts love these, along with some very exclusive independent retailers whom have some beautiful stock for you to look at.

Ralph Lauren has two stores in Bond Street, one dedicated to children’s clothes the other for adults, 143 New Bond Street is the home of the children’s store (this used to be the main store) the main store is now at 1 New Bond Street and is one of the groups biggest and most wonderful buildings.

Watches and Jewelry of Bond Street, 74 New Bond Street, is a great example of independent retailers, these girls stock a range of new and used luxury watches that is equal to any main chain that you can imagine, Watches of Switzerland is just down the road but I know where I would prefer to shop!

The Westbury Hotel, Bond Street, W1S 4JU has got to be on the wish list of anyone who would like to stay in London, this five star hotel has one of the best hotels bars in the world and along with serving up some great drinks, try one of their cocktails, a brilliant bar food menu is also provided. If you are looking for a little light refreshments with your Bond Street escort then head here and you will be as amazed with the service as you are with her beauty.

The number of sexy women in this area is very high and just walking down the road your head will continually turn and you will find your mouth slipping open, the ladies in this area love high heels and at the moment both Jimmy Choo and Louboutin’s are high on the list, both have shops in the area and both are very highly recommended if you want to get straight to a woman’s heart.

The Central line, the red one on the tube map, and the Jubilee line, the grey one, serves Bond Street tube station which can be found on Oxford Street very close to Gilbert Street, the station first opened its doors in 1900, if Harry Selfridge had had his way there would have been an underground walk way from the station to his store, very convenient in the rain