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Covent Garden is one of the most important places in the whole of Central London, you see this is an area, which is steeped in history, even just 30 years ago the place was completely different to what you see there today. It is this history and this change that adds the character to the place and as you walked the cobbled streets you can fill it in the air.

Covent Garden has a WC2 postcode, this was once the largest fruit and vegetables market in the south of England which served most of the area and daily people would travel from miles around just to buy, remember there was no internet then and very little delivery services. The produce was carted about by men with barrows, known as porters, these men had to be very strong because of the weight that they were pulling.

Covent Garden tube station can be found at Long Arch, WC2E 9JT and is on the Piccadilly line between the stations of Leicester Square and Holburn, the Piccadilly line is the blue one on the tube map, the station its self is only 5 minutes walk away from The Royal Opera House, Bow Street WC2E 9DD, this was built in 1732 and, as the name suggests, is home to the Royal Opera as well as the Royal Ballet and even the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. The building was completely refurbished during the 1990’s, mostly from grants from the National Lottery, and is one of the finest examples of how great we can do things here in London.

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The Covent Garden Cocktail Club has got to be on your list of places to visit, this underground bar is in Great Newport Street and is six days a week until midnight. The bar area is decked out with red leather sofas and they serve the very best cocktails, the staff are also very friendly and try to make your experience the best, people are also very impressed with the Happy Hour there.

The main square there is also a great place to catch a show and the famed “Man in Pink Pants” is always a very big crowd pleaser, before to catch his show when you are there because it is something you wouldn’t want to miss.