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As you may well have guessed Gloucester Road is a road, it is located in Kensington – which is found in Central London, a very wealthy part of Central London in fact. I think that you could be safe to safe that Kensington is in fact in the top five of the most exclusive areas in London and is one of the most sought after parts.

Today though we are just going to focus on Gloucester Road and the lovely escorts that you will find in and around the area, many of the ladies flock there because the area is so busy and they know that there will always be a demand for what they offer, it is also great to visit because many of the girls are only a short walk away from the station, also the apartments which they live in are very high class and you will feel at home right away

So where exactly is Gloucester Road I hear you all shout! Well it runs north to south from Palace Gate across Cromwell Road down to Brompton Road, Gloucester Road tube station is located on the side just south of Cromwell Road and is on the Circle, District and Piccadilly lines (yellow, green and blue if you look on a tube map), you would use this tube station if you wanted to go to the museums, The Natural History, Science and V&A are all only five minutes walk from here. There is even an announcement on the tube trains that you should alight for the museums when you reach this station (making it all rather easy for you, just a shame it doesn’t say this is where you should get off if you want to see one of Hot Sexy Gloucester Road escorts)

So other than a tube station what are you going to find in Gloucester Road of interest? This street is lined with businesses; every other shop is a restaurant – many of which serve some really good food that you cannot miss!   Of course as well as fabulous eateries there are the normal chain restaurants (not all of these are bad!); Ask, Bryon, McDonalds, Burger King the list could be really endless but I am sure that you get my point, Nando’s is also there, 117 Gloucester Road, and I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t love this “chicken house”

I have just learned (a very quick search by myself on Google) that they road was named after Maria, Duchess of Gloucester and Edinburgh, the two seem very far apart to me, because she had a house built there back in the 1800’s, I bet that it looked nothing like it does today and would have been some what quitter back then too, before this is was called Hog Moore Lane, I hope that you agree with me which one sounds a lot more appealing, it just goes to show what you can find when you search the internet, it also makes me wonder who much of it is rubbish?

If any of the above has helped you or educated you then great, but please if you have come here because you want to meet up with a sexy, beautiful and very friendly escort in Gloucester Road then keep scrolling and check out the gallery, located in this gallery are the finest ladies that you will find via any escort agency and you will want to come back time and time again to Hot Sexy

One of the biggest hotels in the area is; Millennium Gloucester Hotel 4 -18 Harrington Gardens SW7 4LR, this hotel is not the best (according to the reviews on Google) but they do give you what they say they will, a comfortable room in a nice hotel at a great rate, remember you do get what you pay for so if you want the best then you must pay the best prices.

Take a stroll around the area and you will see some very lovely sights, it has a great mixture of people all of whom have added there little bit to what makes it so.