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London Bridge was the gate way into the City of London, back in a time when importance was everything very few were allowed into London, please remember back then London was much smaller, in fact it was only one square mile and today that area is still known as The Square Mile.

South London was not as high class as the area on the other side of the water, it was a dumping ground, London Bridge – the very first bridge put up by the Romans was the only was in and this was shut off by massive gates, these gates were open during the day but at night they were closed and locked, if you were in you were in if you were out – well you stayed out until they opened again in the morning. The nightlife around the area was lively to say the least, London Bridge was known for its escorts, pubs and Inns.

Today London Bridge is completely different, it is a high class area, filled with offices, restaurants and bars, some of the most expensive property in London can be found here, it is so expensive because people have only got to walk over the Bridge and they are in The City.

Due to this the number of London Bridge escorts has grown, people are always looking for always to relax and what better way than in the arms of a beautiful lady, these girls have beautiful apartments to welcome you into, they have a great selection of sexy and refined outfits – perfect for any occasion, social or personal!

This category is filled with information about the area of London Bridge, not the Bridge itself, if you want to learn more about the history of it and how many structures there have been then please do a quick Google search.

If you are new to the area then there is so much for you to do,  The Shard stands just next to London Bridge station and is the perfect venue for a date with a London Bridge Escort, it is home to many offices, a hotel and restaurants, the perfect place for you and your companion to enjoy a romantic meal and with so many great bars just moments away , plenty to do after you have eaten.

If you are one of the many who use London Bridge Station every day then it would be nice for you to know a little about it; it opened in 1836, it is now a underground and over ground terminal and fails into Zone 1 on the “Travelcard”.

It is one of the oldest remaining station in the world and has just had millions spent on it to make it one of the best. The under ground part of it is served by the Northern and Jubilee lines, the main front of the building comes out onto Tooley Street, chance are when you are there you will see one of the very sexy female London Bridge escorts going or coming from a date, I promise that you are going to be hard pressed to find better looking ladies