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Park Lane is very large road located in Mayfair, London, it is not overly large in terms of length but it is three lanes either side wide, so in total that is six lanes, some motor ways are not that wide and I can promise you no matter what time of day you drive down there you are going to hit traffic. Park Lane runs the length of Hyde Park which is located on the east side of it, on the west side of Park Lane are some of the most exclusive hotels that the world has ever seen, steeped in history these hotels stand out like Generals in a line. Each one of the hotels has played host to our lovely Park Lane escorts and our girls love each one.

Some of our favorite Park Lane Hotels are;

Four Seasons Hotel Park Lane; Hamilton Place, Park Lane, W1J 7DR, which is regarded as one of the best of the new breed of hotels.

45 Park Lane; 45 Park Lane, owned by the same people who own The Dorchester

London Marriott Hotel Park Lane; 140 Park Lane W1K 7AA

Of course there are many other hotels located on the road such as The Hilton, but the above really stand out to our Park Lane escorts and us. If you would prefer to visit one of these escorts in Park Lane then just ask us to arrange an incall for you, we will have this sorted for you in a matter of minutes.

Now it is time for a little bit of history; Park Lane started its life as a dirt track, yes that’s right it was nothing more that a farmers trail into London, which they used to bring their cattle to market, what would you think now if you saw a cow in Park Lane! The east side was lined with house’s, these were knocked down to increase the size of The Lane and to offer the larger house’s on the west side a better view. Yes that is right all those fantastic hotels that you see now were once private homes, can you imagine how important you must have been to have called The Dorchester home, can you imagine how long it would have took to clean it! Once the boom took off there was no stopping what Park Lane was to become and now, along with the hotels, it is home to some of the best and most expensive property in the world.