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Kensington is a district found on the west side of London. There are many reasons why Kensington is one of the more desirable places to visit in London – the most prominent of which is the shopping opportunities which lie all along the Kensington high-street. Shopping in Kensington is like no other place in the world; some would say that it is a little difficult to find everything that you would want to fit in so this is why Hot Sexy escorts are available in Kensington. Share the love of the finer things in Life with a beautiful high class escort as you prowl around the marble floors on Harrods, the world’s famous store that has been in operation for well over 100 years.

One thing certain to happen in Kensington is you will find something that you have seen nowhere else in the world. Thousands of people flock here to see events like the Kensington market, located at 49 Kensington high-streets. In the 1960s this was a centre of the counter culture more commonly known as the hippie culture and every subsequent decade after it always had the leading edge of fashion behind its doors. Unfortunately the market has since 2000 closed down but, I thought it was worth mentioning this iconic place was located right here. For some who is an avid cook the Kensington market offers a wealth of different foods that you could cook for your beautiful escort making the prospect of a girlfriend experience all the more exciting.

For example the fish shop at Kensington palace (W8 7LX) is an example of what fishmongers should be like. Used by many restaurants across London this fish shop observes some of the best standards that I have ever seen and they know what they are talking about – You can be pointed in the right direction as to what flavours you should be using with Salmon, Seabass or whatever food you decide to buy. To make full meal you will need a few more ingredients than fish however, fortunately Kensington hill farmers market (W11 3FE) has it all covered for you. Find a wonderful selection of organic foods from local farms from people who actually care about the food they are sellings. Its quite a large market so making a fantastic meal for you and your Kensington escort will not be a problem.

After all we have talked about you are going to need somewhere to stay with your beautiful escort. Just like most part of London there you will find there are a lot of different hotels in the area. Ou need to decide how far into Kensington you wish to stay and how much you want spend. As you are spending time with a high class escort I want to talk a little about five star hotels available in the area.

Royal Garden hotel

A luxury escape which offers a feeling that you are spent your money correctly. The Royal garden hotel rooms are a blend of luxury and functionality – you will find that the furniture is plush with subtle colours that are relaxing to the mind. A great place for a overnight booking with one or more escorts from

Milestone hotel


The Milestone hotel is in a league of its own. If you were blindfolded and brought inside you would genuinely think that you are have just waked into a Georgian manor as the luxury is just unprecedented and the milestone hotel.

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