Google and what it brings us

There has been a real increase in the number of ladies wanting to join us here at Hot Sexy Escorts, I think that just shows how much we are coming up in the world and how our name is getting about.

We already have some very impressive rankings in the search engines, which is very important to us, and we are working hard on making our reception team one of the best that you will ever come across, we would like your feed back on how we could improve what we do and what other London escort agencies do not give you.

Take the time to visit the gallery and you will see the new faces, there is of course a back list of ladies that we have still got to add and a even bigger list of ladies that we are still to meet and get interviewed, remember that everyone of the site has been meet with and interviewed – that is very important to us.

The more and more our name pops up on the Internet the happier we are, that means that our site is being liked more and more.

The biggest search engine has got to be Google, which first appeared in 1998 and was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google relies heavily on advertsing – it is its biggest form of income, escort agencies can not use Adwords, the unofficial slogan of Google is “Don’t be evil” and its looks like one of the best places to work, they have offices all over the world but the main base is at Mountain View, California known as the Googleplex. If you want an idea of what it is like to work at Google the watch the film Interns starring Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson – a great pairing of actors and their best film since Wedding Crashers.

I like many people use Google on almost an hourly basis, not just for search but also photos, email and as an external hard drive.

It is so funny that the idea of two men could touch so many lives, what would we do without Google, even in running a escort agency it is there, Google Maps which again I use daily, is the best one – forget Apple Maps, it would be great if Google and Apple could get together and work side by side, there would be no limits but there have been historical problems between the two and a union seems highly unlikely.