Holly and Roxy

Holly and Roxy, both brunettes, have just recently moved home, they where once based in Paddington – a stones throw from the station in Westbourne Terrace in a rather lovely and large basement apartment with a beautiful garden, for me you could not get any better and the fact that these two lovely brunette escorts duo’d together was like a dream come true. Last week Holly called me and told me that they were moving and that within a week they would be located in Kensington, I couldn’t believe it, why oh why would you leave such a beautiful place, perfect for getting everywhere in London.

Holly told me that the new place that they would be moving into was amazing and that once they were in I would have to come and vist, sure enough on their first day there Holly calls me and invites me over for a cup of coffee, all the girls know that I am not drinking anymore, therefore knocking the normal glass of champagne off the menu.

So that night off I went and wow how great was it, first holly and Roxy have moved into a great apartment, it is massive, it is decorated to a really high standard and the bedrooms / bathrooms are great, Holly’s bedroom even has a roof terraced joined to it looking down Cromwell Road!!!

My self and Holly were the only ones there, now you have got to remember how stunning she looks, in fact I would have to say that she is one of the very best looking escorts that I have ever met, she has a rather porn starry look about her, I took my chance and stole a little kiss, just a kiss mind because with that the gang arrived.

You see Holly is a very popular girl, not only are her and Roxy friends – there are also roommates but Holly knows loads of the other girls that all based in Kensington.

Before I knew it, Micky, Roxy, Alex, Aisha, Cassie, Pamela and Kim where all there, it was like the gallery of Hot Sexy Escorts had come alive and the room was filled with everybody from Kensington.

I have got to hold my hand up; it was great, we sat out on the terrace, the girls smoking and drinking, me with my coffee and water (mmmmmmm) and we had a great night. This group of ladies is such great company and you will be lucky to book any one of them, each is as beautiful as the each and all are just lovely people who really do look amazing.

If you need any help in picking then please feel free to pick up the phone and call and we will help you in anyway that we can when it comes to making your decision.