Last nights football

How dishearting was the football last night? Like millions of other Englishmen I was in a bar, beer in hand – sorry there is no way that you will ever get me into a football shirt its just not what I do, surrounded by men all of us looking at a television screen the size of a small house. Rachael and Sera were running the show, although to be honest there was no way that I was expecting many bookings for our escort girls and to be honest I was right.

The phone’s died along with the heart of a nation, what is the real shame is how well we have played and at how unlucky we have been. The Italy game saw the team play their socks off only to come away with no points, Uruguay were a good team, there is no doubting that but no better than us, the team that was fielded last night did us all proud – the only difference between us and the winners was a world class finisher, I can’t even bring myself to write his name but whatever we feel about him – lets be honest we all feel the same, he has got a great final touch and that is something that we have been missing from the team since the end of the era of people like Shearer and Owen.

The front line of the England team has always been pretty strong, even today we have people like Rooney and Wellbeck but have they got just that little extra, look at Gary Linekar, who could ever forget Bobby Charlton.

It is the lack of someone with that golden touch that is costing England the big games, our defense is strong, last night they rode out 5 minutes of some really hard attacks, attacks which could have deflated them and before you had finished your Desperado we could have been 4-0 down. The back four stayed strong and pulled it back, Steven Gerrard must fell terrible this morning and what the massive shame is; all the good he done it that game went out of the window with that one mistake.

What will the next game bring us? Will Italy be amazing and win the group? Can we get into positive goal difference?

Who knows the only thing that I can say is if you would like to book an escort for after next weeks game then get in early because there are many of us that may be wanting to cheer ourselves up.