Practice makes perfect

Have you ever had an experience with a companion that hasn't gone down quite right? I think I speak for all of us when I say that there have been some moments in our life where we have taken out who we'd hoped to be our ideal partner to then get embarrassingly turned away for one reason or the other. Don't try and pretend it hasn't happened to you because it's happened to all of us. Regardless of if it lasted 10 minutes or dragged out painfully, we have all been palmed off by someone we were interested in.

Lets me set the scenario, you're in a sensual restaurant with who seems to be a very compatible partner. Everything is going well until you slip into a conversation and say something which she takes the wrong way, because of that the moment is completely lost. At this points the date just isn't the same and it's not able to to carry on the same. After that you leave on poor terms because it didn't really end how both of you would've hoped.

A classic case of you not being able to perfect the way you speak to women, or your 'game'. The truth is, even though they might not admit it, is that a lot of men find it hard to speak to women and due to that they can sometimes ruin their chances. Getting to know how to say the right things is something that you can actually perfect over time and work on. You can't become a Casanova overnight! You can however work on your 'game' for the next time you go out with a partner. But how can you do this?

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