Best outdoor dining spots


Londoners have the highest, most exquisite tastes. So is there any surprise that many of the top London restaurants have beautiful outside areas to accommodate their customers during the strong midday sun? With the bad weather we're used to, it's quite a waste making such detailed and perfect outside areas, however they're just incredible when the sun is out. These places are great venues to take your date to, and who provides a date better than a hot sexy escort? So why not book one of our gorgeous girls, on top of a table at some of Londons most exclusive outdoor restaurants whilst the temperature lasts.

The Caravan Exmouth Market is by far one of the trendiest places you can get a table in, but what's more impressive is getting a table outside of it. The Market is an impressively large venue with some of the coolest and quirkiest touches added all around the place. Coq d'Argent is also a great place to go. Accessed by a private lift, with a matter of seconds you're swept away from a busy London afternoon to a decadent rooftop balcony. You'll love wasting the day in such a surreal and impressive landscape. I'd definitely recommend visiting with your hot sexy escort.

Come to think about it, you're going to have to arrange quite a few meetings with our escorts as there are so many places with great outdoor areas, with very little time to experience properly might I add! Places like Angler have been impressing customers since opening. The ace in the sleeve is the rooftop terrace which is classy, elegant, sophisticated, and overall just a great experience. Just make sure you go with the intention of drinking, because you'll find it hard to stop drinking the delicious cocktails they serve.

Like i've said though, make sure that you experience these wonderful places how you're meant to, with a beautiful young companion from Hot Sexy Escorts, whilst during the lovely summer heat.