Best summer ever


My predictions about the good weather seems to be getting some sort of truth to it. I've been reading the news recently and it seems that we're in for one of, if not possibly the best summer that we'll see for a while. As recent meteorologists have been researching some long-term weather forecasts, it looks like this years summer is going to put last years heat wave in the shade. Last year was indeed a record breaking year, however reporters have announced that this summer could beat all records set currently. Great weather, amazing escorts, a drink or two......... one unforgettable set of months lined up!

So when's it going to start? It's looking sooner than once thought, apparently during may we'll be bombarded by a constant blitz of amazing weather, this will roll on throughout June, July, and august. May will be the sunniest, hottest month apparently, with back-to-back weeks of intense sun. Make sure you're not left in the shade, not having any fun. Book a gorgeous escort to keep you company and get out and about! I couldn't think of a better way to spend your evenings, and if you haven't tried it already then make sure you do.

Is it really going to keep on shinning for so long? Well, the truth is that we won't really know until we're there however some good predictions show it will stretch out for the whole of the summer. 100 days apparently, now that's something amazing to look forward too. You should be getting your summer body ready, and on top of that getting some gorgeous summer clothes. You don't want to be the only person not styling out this summer.

But with great weather comes great caution, make sure that you're not going around in all of this wonderful weather without wearing any lotion or sun screen. If you want to go out with our gorgeous women, be sure that you're not stupid enough to end up a burnt.