Half way through July


Here we are half way through July and London is dead, I know that I should not say it but its true, I wonder just how many of the other London escort agencies are felling it? I know for sure that we are and I cannot wait to get this month and the next, August, out of the ay so we can really get back to business.

July started badly for us, first there was the World Cup – so glad that is over after the terrible showing from England, I know that they played well but playing well and not winning is a little bit boring! Second we have Ramadan, that is a big kick in the teeth for any one to do with the escort industry, thirdly we have the school holidays coming up – funny one this one, loads of men go away with their families so it really cuts down on play time, also they have to cut spending in the first part of July to pay for it all and then of course there is this weather!

The weather is a killer, how many people do you know what to get hot and sweaty with a sexy escort when it is so hot outside, it is so bloody strange, yes the eat tunrs loads of people on but its different if you are on a beach in some far off land, I would be horny too, but stuck here in a city when its touch 90 outside and you have got to get on the tube or stuck on a bus afterwards is just no fun at all!

So what is there to do, well truth be told there is nothing that I can do, the traffic to the site is still good, we are moving up the Google ranks, not doing too bad for some rather important keywords, some what I am hoping is once the summer is over, more the fact once July and August are over, then we can get back to normal. I love it when it is busy, the girls love it when it is busy, the reception team adore it when it is busy!

You see just because this is an escort agency doesn’t mean that it runs any different from any normal company, we all like to keep busy, it makes the day go quicker and we all have so much fun interacting with our customers.

When I am bored I am murder, I just sit in the office Googling over and over again all different key phrases to do with escorts, I drive everybody mad, the SEO team must hate it when my number appears J

The great thing about being quite is the fact that I can write some great articles about our escort girls and the areas they live in to give you something to read and then hopefully once everything is back to normal we will hear from you .