So the World Cup is over


Another article about football! Well it’s the most talked about thing at the moment, whatever channel you turn on and there it is.

Gary Lineker once said “ 22 men chase a ball about for 90 minutes and at the end the Germans always win” Well done Gary you called it again, shame you got it wrong about the 90 minutes, I guess now the World Cup is over we can move on and get back to what we here at Hot Sexy Escorts do best, arranging dates for men and women which the most beautiful and sexy women that lady has ever seen, sure you have to pay for it but don’t all men end up paying for it any way? And at least with one of our stunning escort girls you are getting the very best of the best and nothing second rate.

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Now surely wont you be better off in the arms of some stunner than watching Germany win or Brazil lose, I have to say I do like the style that Germany play with, they keep it cool and calm just like Brazil and Spain add flair to the pitch. Just take a look at how USA play, Klinsmen has added the German touch to their team and look at how well they played, there is no taking away what they can do and I am shamed to say that England just can not complete with any of these teams, I would even go as far to say that I wouldn’t fancy or chances against the USA and can not see enough of an improvement coming by Euro 2016, will we even qualify?