Voice your opinion!


Do review systems really give justice to the sterling efforts of some girls? From my point of view, as an escort user, if you were to just book an escort and have the experience of a life time, the last thing you really do think about is reviewing them. On top of that if you do write up a review it's not going to be one in full length and detail are you? So maybe if you've had the privilege of meeting up with an escort and having an incredible time, then why not write a little bit of an article up about them so other people know how worth it they are and how much they work.

When was the last time you booked an escort, what were the highlights of it? Was it worth doing again, was the date location fun and interesting, were you pleased with the amount of services? These are some little bits of information that a future escort booker may want to know about, and if they don't, they might not even end up booking someone. Not knowing much about either escorts or the agency they work for can make it seem hazy to you, when realistically it may be one of the most well run agencies but just lacks the credit that it deserves. Without a decent credit or reputation, that can deter people from booking and possibly even run an agency out of business.

So how can you do your bit? Well it's pretty self explanatory, and easy too! Just get around and speak to different people within the escorting community. Advise people, tell them your positive and negative experience. by doing this, you're giving the well run agencies the credit that they deserve. The escorting industry is an industry easily influenced by word of mouth and the opinion of its customers, the say that you have is as important as the next persons.