What goes into an agency


What is the best way to get an escort agency moving forward?

Today I though that it would be nice to take a look at this, to give you all an idea what goes into making the business which supplies you with sexy fun and games, you may think that it is all about sexy babes and that the life of an escort agency owner it very glam but let me tell you it is far from it!

Lets start at what it takes to build a website, yes the web designers will do this for you but content? Yes content the stuff that you read on the site, the words that Google pick up and use top rank your website. You can not use crap, of course you can employ someone to do this but if you want great content be prepared to pay a lot of money for someone with half a brain to do the writing, poor or duplicated content will get you no where and before you know it you will be out of business.

Girls- the girls will only want to be on a website which is well know, forget using fake pictures – your escort agency will last about a minute, and rightly so, you open up an escort agency to serve not to ripe off! Also be nice to the girls, don’t be a dick, that is so important, the escorts that you represent are one of the most important elements of any agency.

SEO – get up in Google, that is so important, you are going to have to have deep pockets for this, the investment will be the biggest one that you will ever make – do not let anyone tell you other wise, getting a agency to rank could take months and you can only ever use the best SEO guys for this, get it out of your head that you are going to do it yourself, that is never going to work

Once you site is built and you are ranking, you are going to be working some very long days, while your friends are down the pub you will either be at home or in your office working, face it this is a hard life. You are not meeting glamorous ladies everyday, if you were they wouldn’t be working that much, in turn not earning any money and with that not earning you any money, agency closed, you on the dole cue.

Before you even think about doing what we do, think about what goes into it, think about the commitment and if you are prepared to put 100% into this job, if you are not then this is not for you.