What is love?


What's your definition of love? This may sound like quite an odd thing to discuss, but many people have many different meanings of it. To some people, love can differ in intensity, feeling, even appearance. And if someone feels in love, or thinks they are in love, then it's one of the most satisfying feelings you can be in. The definition of love is 'a strong feeling of affection', but obviously the extent of love isn't something that is mentioned. I for one believe that love isn't as perfect as everyone says it is, but I'll get to that later.

But firstly, that common belief of love. To a lot of people, love is the belief that one person simply cannot bare to live without the presence of someone else. That by taking away their partner, they aren't able to function the same way, almost as if a part of them is missing. In a way you could consider this quite beautiful because of the fact that it shows that two people can generally create that much of a connection between one another. I for one think it's a terrible view, and this is why....

Firstly, I don't think this exists. But secondly, why is it that if love exists, it can create such a pain to people? I don't think love is a strong connection or partnership. I just simply believe that it is a feeling of a certain moment. I don't think that you can love someone, but more love the time you spend with them. Much like the time you spend with someone, love can grow stale over a period, otherwise why would you have so many relationships with different people?

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